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Michael Weston (born October 25, 1973) is an American television and film actor. His best-known roles are the private detective Lucas Douglas on House, the homicidal meth addict Jake in the critically acclaimed HBO drama Six Feet Under and Pvt. Dancer on Scrubs.

He plays Harry Houdini on Houdini & Doyle (TV Series).

Personal lifeEdit

Weston was born Michael Rubinstein in New York City, the son of actors Judi West and John Rubinstein, the grandson of piano virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein and the great-grandson of conductor Emil Młynarski, the founding conductor of Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and principal conductor of the Scottish Orchestra.

He holds a degree in Theater and Arts from Northwestern University. In 2000 he changed his surname to "Weston" as there was already a "Michael Rubinstein" in the Screen Actors Guild. He has been married to musician Priscilla Ahn since 2010.

Acting careerEdit

Weston is a good friend of actor Zach Braff and has appeared in three features with him, Garden State, Wish I Was Here and The Last Kiss, and as a guest star on Braff's television show, Scrubs. Weston has also appeared as Simon Marsden, Olivia Benson's half-brother on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Weston appeared in the fifth season of House as a private investigator named Lucas Douglas hired by Dr. Gregory House; he reappeared in season six. Series creator David Shore planned a spin-off show with Weston's character as the lead in 2008, but the show never went into production.

In 2009, Weston appeared in the Gerard Butler action film Gamer. He made a guest appearance on Burn Notice. In 2012, he starred in the A&E television movie, Coma.



Year Title Role Notes
2000 Coyote Ugly Danny
Sally Bugs Credited as Michael Rubenstein
Cherry Falls Ben
2002 Wishcraft Brett Bumpers
Hart's War Pfc. W. Roy Potts
Evil Alien Conquerors Kenny
2004 Helter Skelter Bobby Beausoleil Television movie
Garden State Kenny
2005 The Dukes of Hazzard Deputy Enos Strate
2006 The Last Kiss Izzy
2007 Wedding Daze Ted
2008 Pathology Dr. Gallo
2009 State of Play Hank
Crank: High Voltage Paramedic
Gamer The producer
2010 Love, Wedding, Marriage Gerber
2011 The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best Jim
2012 Liberal Arts Miles
2013 Expecting Casey
2014 Wish I Was Here Jerry
2015 See You in Valhalla Don Burwood
2015 Gravy Anson


Year Title Role Notes
1998 Night Man Episode: 1.17 "Chrome II"
2003 Frasier Ice Sculptor Episode: 10.14 "Daphne Does Dinner"
2004 Monk MorrisEpisode: 3.7 "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month"
2004 - 2005 Six Feet Under JakeEpisodes: 4.5 That's My Dog", 4.8 "Coming And Going", 4.12 "Untitled", 5.10 "All Alone"
2006 ER Rafe HendricksEpisodes: 12.22 "Twenty-One Guns", 13.1 "Bloodline"
2006 Saved Tim RestonEpisode: 1.2 "The Lady & the Tiger"
2007, 2014 Psych Counselor Adam HornstockEpisode: 1.12 "Cloudy...Chance of Murder" Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement
2007 Scrubs Private Brian DancerEpisodes: 6.7 "His Story IV", 6.9 "My Perspective", 6.10 "My Therapeutic Month", 6.12 "My Fishbowl"
2007 - 2012 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Simon Marsden Episodes:8.13 "Loophole" 8.16 "Philadelphia," 8.19 "Florida", 8.22 "Screwed", 13.16 "Child’s Welfare"
2008 - 2010 House]] Lucas DouglasEpisodes: 5.2 "Not Cancer", 5.3 "Adverse Events", 5.5 "Lucky Thirteen", 6.7 "Known Unknowns", 6.8 "Teamwork", 6.9 "Ignorance Is Bliss", 6.12 "Remorse" (cameo), 6.13 "Moving the Chains", 6.14 "5 to 9", and 6.18 "Knight Fall"
2009 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ryan Morton; Tripp Linson; Carsten Episode: 9.15 "Kill Me If You Can"
2009 NCIS: Los Angeles LAPD Detective John Quinn Episode: 3.10 "The Debt"
2009 Supernatural]] (young) CharlieEpisode: 4.12 "Criss Angel is a Douche Bag"
2009 Burn Notice SpencerEpisode: 3.5 "Signals and Codes"
2010 The Good Guys CarsonEpisode: 1.17 "The Getaway"
2011 CSI: New York Frank Waters Episode: 8.9 "Means to an End"
2012 White Collar David CookEpisode: 4.03 "Diminishing Returns"
2012 Coma]]Peter Arno 4 hour TV movie based on 1978 novel by Robin Cook
2012 GusCasey
2013 The Office]]Staffer at Philadelphia real estate office Pam has interview at Episode: 9.16 "Moving On"
2014 Those Who Kill Space Cowboy Season 1: Episode 8 "Insomnia", Episode 9 "Untethered", Episode 10 "Surrender".
2015 Elementary Oscar Season 3: Episode 16 "For All You Know", Episode 24 "A Controlled Descent".
2016 Houdini & Doyle Harry Houdini Season 1


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