This page explains how to edit various parts of the page, and manage content.

Character Pages Edit

At first you write a brief introduction by writing the name of the character, what they do and the actor who plays them. Then you insert a Character Infobox and complete each the demands known: name, episodic appearances, occupation and one of the official posters that represent the character.

Appearance and Personality Edit

  • A brief description of physical appearance and clothing. Particularities of appearance.
  • A description of the personality, behavior and character features.

History Edit

  • Short paragraphs for each episode in which summarize what the character does in each episode. Add a meaningful picture of the character from said episodes.

Relationships Edit

  • Paragraphs for each of the main relationships (romantic, friendly, hostile) that the character has with other characters. Add a meaningful picture in which the two characters are together.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • Phrases and the most significant dialogues of the character, which represent the character and his or her way of doing.

Gallery Edit

  • Official Posters, promotional stills, and screencaps of the character in the various episodes.

Trivia Edit

  • Annotations and curiosities about the character such as interviews, historical references, marginal explanations.

References Edit

  • Reference lists and redirect links for elements mentioned in the article text.

Episode Pages Edit

At first you write a brief introduction by writing the name of the episode and the broadcasting date. Then you enter an episode Infobox completing the necessary requirements as air date, a significant image of the episode, director and writer, etc.

Synopsys Edit

  • You enter an synopsis of the episode, preferably the official one.

Cast Edit

  • Write a list of the cast, divided into main, recurring, and guests characters.

Gallery Edit

  • A gallery of promotional images and screencaps of the episode.

Promotional Edit

  • Official promotional videos, such as trailers and behind the scenes.

Supernatural Lore Edit

  • A brief description of the supernatural element of the episode, for example. ghosts, demons, electromagnetism and the like.

Investigation Pages Edit

These pages are about the supernatural elements and investigations carried out by Harry Houdini, Arthur Conan Doyle and Constable Adelaide Stratton.

Introduction Edit

  • A brief introduction of the paranormal or pseudo-scientific topic present in the episode.

Houdini & Doyle Edit

  • As for character pages for each episode in which this topic is present, you should write a brief description telling the anecdotes lived by the protagonists of the TV series in relation to the monster, science experiment or other investigative case.

Notes Edit

  • Remarks on the subject, explaining where it is possible similarities or differences with the real mythology and folklore.

History and Fictional Character Pages Edit

These pages are about historical or fictional characters mentioned on the show, such as Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, or the historical counterparts of Houdini, Doyle or Bram Storker.

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